We have 22 goats currently on our farm, with 9 females currently pregnant.  

Check back for more goats, their pics and profiles.


Dizzy is almost 2 years old and an Oberhasli/Saanen cross. When we first

met Dizzy, we had such big plans for him to become one our first pack

goats, but unfortunately, when he was 3 months old, my herd queen hit

him way too hard and injured his spine. Because of this incident, he can

no longer walk in a straight line, hence the name Dizzy, and is one of the

more unique animals on our farm.


Dizzy enjoys taking charge, especially at the hay feeder, where you will find

him head butting the other goats until he is the only one snacking. Silly Dizzy!

He’s a big, super sweet, cuddly teddy bear that loves scratches behind his ears.

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