We currently have 21 goats on our farm, with 8 females pregnant.  

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Dizzy is almost 2 years old and an Oberhasli/Saanen cross. When we first

met Dizzy, we had big plans for him to become our first pack goat.  Unfortunately however, when he was 3 months old, my herd queen head butted him way too hard and injured his spine. Because of this injury, he can no longer walk in a straight line, and he will not be able to carry a pack for us.

Lucky for him, he is super personable and has won a place in the herd as a freeloader.  We have lots of those.


Dizzy enjoys taking charge, especially at the hay feeder, where you will find him head butting the other goats until he is the only one snacking. Silly Dizzy! He’s a big, super sweet, cuddly teddy bear that loves scratches behind his ears.

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Babs is our matriarch of the herd and will be 8 years old this spring. She has given us lots of beautiful girls over the years and tons of milk for soap making!! We still have all of her girls on our farm to date! She is one of our biggest goat-lovers, always rubbing on me, looking for some pets, kisses and scratches. She’s just a sweet little angel, so kind and gentle.

She helped us get our feet wet, teaching us so much about how to care for goats.  We’ve had lots of memorable experiences with her over the years and plan to put her in early retirement. She has certainly earned it! Here’s to Babs, our little lovable trail blazer!

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Margarita was born on Cinco de Mayo almost three years ago, hence her name. She is one of our most vocal goats, usually the first one to say hello in the morning. One thing she is known for, is making some good-looking kids. She just had her second set of twins, last month and they are incredibly cute!

A couple of things that sets Margarita apart from the others are, her sweet, floppy ears, her slight head tilt and sideways gait, which is especially cute when she’s running. That rumen, aka stomach, of hers is always filled and jiggling when she’s trotting in to feed her babies in the late afternoon. 

Here’s to Margarita, our beautiful baby maker!

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Cleo is 4 years old and full of attitude.  She is an attentive mother and is usually covered in dirt from letting her kids jump all over her like a trampoline.  She may be sweet to her kids, but she doesn’t put up with any nonsense from the other goats or any of the dogs. 


As the biggest girl on the farm, she usually gets her way, especially around the hay buckets! She loves banana peels and back rubs, so be prepared if you come pay her a visit.

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Baby Queen

Baby Queen, aka Khaleesi is one of the most spoiled and attention hungry goats on the farm. She was in the first group that trained to be pack goats, and she loves hiking. And snacking. In fact, when we take her for a hike, for the first 20 mins she has to snack nonstop before we can even attempt the trail. 


Baby queen shares a birthday with Heather on March 22, and has had 3 beautiful, bouncing, baby goats. Sometimes she eats so much in the summer that her stomach swells and she looks like a triangle from above. 

Rain Boots

At first we were not planning on keeping Rain Boots. His size was promising, but his attitude was a little too timid and skittish. Fortunately for all of us, he has warmed up to humans and now has a place on our team. He is not yet the largest goat in our herd, but he is well on his way. Still slightly skittish at first, once he feels comfortable around you, Rain Boots can be super affectionate. Easy big fella!

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