The once-was Dishwashing Block is now BIGGER and BETTER, coming in at over double the size of our regular soap bars (9 ounces to be exact). This sustainable, Multi-Purpose Block can now be used for some magical multi-purpose cleaning action.

Got dishes? No problem. Stains on your clothes? Bring it on. How about a chemical-free countertop wipe down? Challenge accepted.

These zero-waste, multi-purpose blocks are cleaning powerhouses that produce a rich lather, yet the goats milk is gentle on your hands. Scented with tea tree and lavender, this bar will help you keep your dishes and countertops sparkling clean and your clothes stain free.


The ocean should be full of giant squid, stinging jellyfish, and man-eating sharks. It should not be full of plastic bottles. Our Multi-Purpose block will also help reduce plastic consumption, which is good news for all of those terrifying sea critters.

Contribute to reducing plastic waste while keeping your personal ecosystem sparkling clean with our Multi-Purpose Block.  Tea tree and lavender will have your house smelling great and bacteria running scared.  


For hand washing dishes, removing stains and wiping down counters.

To Use: Rub a wet sponge or scrubber on the block until it’s soapy, then wash your dishes or wipe down your counters as usual. For stains, wet the area first, then rub directly on stain. Wash with wet cloth/sponge or launder as usual.

Multipurpose Block