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Handmade soap is better for your skin and our planet than mass produced soap is.  But the lack of chemical preservatives can make handmade soaps melt faster than their chemically fortified cousins do.  Using a soap dish that allows air flow all around the soap will greatly increase its longevity.  


These unique soap dishes are made by our neighbor, Mike.  He uses reclaimed wood, and the profits from his soap dishes go into helping to sustain his farm.  The design is intended to drain well and to be easy to clean, but it looks cool, too.  The dish is 2.75" x 4" x .875" in size.  These dishes are made of reclaimed cedar, sourced from a local furniture artisan.  Cedar is an aromatic, highly rot resistant wood.  It  is great for use in the shower, or any other wet location.  And it is a native wood to our part of Tennessee.

Mike's Cedar Soap Dish

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