Need a beautiful soap dish that holds two bars, such as dish soap and hand soap bars? These extra-large, hand crafted soap dishes are the perfect size for two Quarter Spring Farm soap bars!!!!


Handcrafted here in Tennessee from McCray Woodcraft, Red Cedar wood soap dishes are a must-have for all of your soap and shampoo bars!

Each dish has been meticulously hand-sanded on all edges, creating a soft, classic look and are free of any coatings or sealers that would diminish the natural, fresh cedar scent. Drainage holes have been added to ensure your soap stays dry and lasts longer.

Eastern Red Cedar wood has a natural resistance to rotting, dimensional stability and a unique aromatic scent you can't deny.

Since we use natural, 100% real Eastern Red Cedar wood, no 2 dishes are alike, and color varies slightly from product to product.

This soap dish dimensions are approximately 7 inches long by 2.75 inches wide by 3/4 inch thick.

XL Boardwalk Cedar Soap Dish