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Simple Sustainability

Clean, healthy skin

Here at Quarter Spring Farm we strive to grow good, all-natural food for ourselves and our friends and neighbors in Middle Tennessee. We live on a 64 acre homestead in rural Liberty, TN, which is about 60 miles east of Nashville. We raise chickens, sheep, and veggies to eat, and we keep goats for milk and entertainment.  We are always experimenting with new projects to make us more food independent, including everything from honey bees to shiitake mushrooms.  Our methods are ecologically conscious and sustainable, and we are always trying to improve our relationships with the land and our community. We think industrial farming is not healthy for anyone involved: from the producer to the consumer to the plant or animal being so unnaturally grown.  So we came out here to live a better alternative.

We first got into goats as a source for milk and cheese.  But we quickly learned that goats are rowdy and entertaining, just like us.  We started experimenting with making goat's milk soap several years ago.  Now we make all sorts of eco-friendly, goat-derived beauty products.  

Why did we chose soap? Click here.

We usually have chicken, goat's milk soap, eggs, and ducks to sell.  Come see us at the farmer's market on the square in Murfreesboro or contact us if you're interested.  Don't be shy; ask if you want to come visit.  We love showing off the animals and talking about farming (and everything else).

- JB and Heather Bradley

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