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  • A Visionary Food Policy

    As modern Americans, we already have a vast array of tools at our disposal to raise and distribute food in an equitable and environmentally conscious manner. But we don’t do so. We have the innovation, technology, and can-do spirit to achieve any goals that we set for ourselves. But millions of us experience food insecurity. We throw out tons upon tons of food every day. Our small farmers are barely making ends meet (trust me on this, I know from personal experience). And the vast majority of our food is being produced in unsustainable ways that pillage the land and torture the animals. Why? And more importantly, how do we change? The primary problem is that our industrialized agriculture system is designed to create massive profits for corporate shareholders. Their overarching goal is making money, and at every decision point, that is their lodestar. Government policy makers from both parties pass laws and regulations to assist this aim. Maybe because they truly think these policies are the best way to feed our people. Maybe because these corporations fill their campaign coffers with donations. Either way, the results of these policies are plain for us all to see. A visionary food policy would replace this solitary goal with a series of complimentary ones. Environmentally conscious and regenerative production. Equitable access to high quality commodities. Economic sustainability for small and medium sized farms. Humanely raised animals. Improved local distribution networks. All of these goals are attainable. Many are being achieved with the assistance of state and local governments across the country. I have described my vision of an improved policy using lots of big words and complex concepts. In conclusion, I would like to break it down to something easy to digest. The culture of corporate greed is failing us. We need to replace it with a culture of compassion and justice. I know it can be done at a small level, because I have been farming this way for 9 years now. But we will have to work together to make the changes on a large scale.

  • DIY Dish Scrubber

    We talk a lot about reusing- so we thought it was time to share a nifty little trick. It checks all boxes around here. This scrubber took me less than five minutes to make, start to finish. First you must save those mesh bags that produce comes in, such as, oranges, potatoes, avocados, etc. Remove the netting from your fruit purchase Cut the little metal pieces off the ends Fold it until it forms a small rectangle, and sew around the edge twice+ Use your new dish scrubber!

  • The Legend of the Four Thieves

    Gather round and listen well, To hear my sad and sordid tale When plague and pestilence ruled the land And four thieves made a daring plan They robbed the dead and dying men By creeping in their houses, then Relieving them of earthly wares While weakened by their sickly cares How did these thieves retain their health? While robbing others of their health? They made a potent oil and chose To smear it underneath the nose Eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon Add some clove, and some cinnamon Stir it up and mix it well To safeguard yourself with a smell. In times like these, of plague and fear With troubles coming, far and near An ancient recipe could serve To help us all regain our swerve Smell the Legend

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  • How To Care for QSF Products | Quarter Spring Farm

    How to care for your wooden soap dishes If you like to waste soap and money, then no need to read the tips below. ​ The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your bar is to keep it out of direct/constant water contact by placing it on a well drained soap dish. See our local handcrafted soap dishes under the accessories page . Make sure your soap has plenty of fresh air between uses. The drier it gets, the longer it will last. Just like in the garden, air flow is the key. The same applies to your wooden soap dish. See wooden soap dish care below. Cut your bar in half. This helps reduce exposure to water, therefore, extending the life of your precious bar. Use a cotton wash cloth or loofah to extend its life. Lathering with your hands, while satisfying, will shorten the life of your soap bar. Use your fresh new soap within 6 months of purchase. This is an all natural product without funky chemical preservatives. Store unused soap in a dark, dry, room-temperature location. If your bar appears to be soggy or seems to be fading away quickly, please check your soap dish to make sure your bar isn’t sitting in a puddle of water. How to care for your goat milk soap You know a soap dish significantly extends the life of a bar of soap BUT did you know you can also extend the life of your soap dish? Cedar wood has a natural resistance to rotting and dimensional stability but still requires basic care if you plan on keeping it around as long as possible. ​ ​ Use your soap dish in pairs to extend the life of each dish . We recommend using one for 2-3 weeks, then switching it out with the second dish. By allowing the first soap dish to completely dry out, you will prevent mold and mildew from forming, greatly extending the life of the dish. Even though your soap dish has drain holes, make it a point to wipe up underneath the dish every once in a while. This goes for an area that has a little more contact with water than others, like kitchen sink or shower. If you use a wooden soap dish in the shower, it is imperative to make sure it completely direct and constant contact with water. Keep in mind your soap dish is made of wood after all.

  • Shipping and Wholesale | Quarter Spring Farm

    Shipping Prices Wholesale We have some of the best retail partners in Tennessee. Wanna be one? Drop us a line to find out more. Not in Tennessee? It's ok, nobody's perfect. We still want to work with you. 1-2 bars of soap ship domestically for a flat rate of $5 3-5 bars of soap ship domestically for a flat rate of $9 FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40 Farm pickup is free and encouraged. Contact us to set it up.

  • Product Favorites | Quarter Spring Farm

    Product Favorites It's here! Quick View Old Man Winter Chapstick Price $6.00 New Arrival Quick View Buck Nekkid Price $8.00 New Arrival Quick View Touching Cotton Price $7.00 New Arrival Quick View Pappy's Flannel Shampoo Price $8.00 It's here! Quick View Old Man Winter Chapstick Price $6.00 New Arrival Quick View Buck Nekkid Price $8.00 New Arrival Quick View Touching Cotton Price $7.00 New Arrival Quick View Pappy's Flannel Shampoo Price $8.00

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