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About Our Farm

Here at Quarter Spring Farm we strive to grow good, all-natural food for ourselves and our friends and neighbors in Middle Tennessee. We live on a 64 acre homestead in rural Liberty, TN, which is about 60 miles east of Nashville. We raise chickens, sheep, and veggies to eat, and we keep goats for milk and entertainment.  We are always experimenting with new projects to make us more food independent, including everything from honey bees to shiitake mushrooms.  Our methods are ecologically conscious and sustainable, and we are always trying to improve our relationships with the land and our community. We think industrial farming is not healthy for anyone involved: from the producer to the consumer to the plant or animal being so unnaturally grown.  So we came out here to live a better alternative.

Why did we chose soap? Click here.

We usually have chicken, goat's milk soap, eggs, and veggies to sell.  Come see us at the farmer's market on the square in Murfreesboro or contact us if you're interested.  Don't be shy; ask if you want to come visit.  We love showing off the animals and talking about farming (and everything else).

- JB and Heather Bradley



We grow lots of chickens.  They are super tasty and good for you because we make them eat lots of grass, supplement them a non-GMO feed, and give them lots of exercise.  This program lets us avoid antibiotics and growth hormones entirely, and produces big, healthy chickens.  We currently raise Cornish Rocks and select heritage breeds for meat.  Contact us for pricing info.


We currently process on farm and offer whole and quartered birds. Fresh birds are available by request on processing days. Click link below for helpful hints about what to do with those delicious chicken necks.



Shortly after we moved out here, we got our first pair of goats.  We wanted them for milk production, but we quickly learned a few things.  Mostly we learned that Heather is crazy about goats.  Now we have a rapidly growing herd, several goats in training to be pack animals, and we even started making soap to put all that extra milk to good use.  

Want to learn more about our goats? Click here.



Our goats, sheep, and laying hens free range across 63 acres of wooded hills and unsprayed pastures.  Our broilers (meat birds) are moved daily on fresh pasture and fed a non-GMO, locally sourced feed.  All of our produce is non-certified organic, and we even started keeping bees as a way to measure the overall health and fertility of our little ecosystem.  We grow most of what we eat right on the farm, and hope to keep doing so for as long as we are able.  Sustainable agriculture, even on a small scale, is one of the keys to mitigating climate change and we are proud to contribute to the solution to the best of our abilities.



Farming is hard work, but we have a lot of fun doing it.  We love sharing our adventures with friends old and new.  You can keep up with our shenanigans by following us on Instagram or liking us on Facebook.  If you think you might want to come check out the farm, we would love to have a visit.  Contact us for a farm tour, or for information about hosting an event with us.  Or come see us at one of our scheduled shindigs.  And if you're really interested in getting your hands dirty ...



Wwoof stands for worldwide opportunities on organic farms.  It is a program to connect farmers with those interested in sustainable agriculture.  The basic gist is that woofers spend half a day working in return for room, board and knowledge.  It is a super neat program, and we have met so many great people that we now call friends because of it.  You can find out more about the program at the website.  If you are interested in staying at Quarter Spring farm as a woofer please contact us through our host farm profile.