In the beginning, we purchased our farm so we could become more sustainable with our own food options.  In addition, wanted to provide cleaner food choices for our friends and neighbors. We strongly believe industrial farming is horrible for your health and the environment.  Maximizing profit might be great for shareholders, but it isn't always great for chickens.  Or farmers.  Or taste buds.  We are open with our sustainable farming methods, and believe that by providing better alternatives we can make a positive impact.

Our first farming experiences included meat chickens, egg chickens, and a massive organic garden.  Shortly thereafter, we purchased our first two goats for dairy production and a small flock of sheep for meat.

Life on the farm was very emotional at first.  Being the animal lover that I am, I struggled with the loss of any animal. However, learning to separate myself and understanding the circle of life has really helped me. I quickly fell in love with the goats. They were extremely personable, lovable animals and loved attention. Their outrageous antics have helped take my mind off the daily struggles of farm life.

Soon the herd started to grow and take over. I was surrounded by sweet, lovable animals that made my heart smile.  JB, being the biz-ness man that he is, said “if the goats don’t earn their keep, they will have to go”. Since I’m a fighter, not a quitter, I quickly started researching ways I could put all that extra milk to good use and start generating money for the farm. I was convinced that these goats were not going ANYWHERE!

After extensive research, I fell in love with the idea of making goat milk lotion. I took a class, made some test batches, and quickly realized it wasn’t the right product for me to take all the way. Feeling a little defeated, I decided the next test was for goat milk soap. SO, I took another class, made some test batches and sent a few bars to friends and family. The positive feedback was overwhelming.  But what really sold me on soap making was when some of my loved ones experienced relief from various skin irritations when they used MY soap.

Three years later, here we are building our empire.  And the goat herd is up to 22 now.

why we make soap

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