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Gather round and listen well,

To hear my sad and sordid tale 

When plague and pestilance ruled the land 

And four thieves made a daring plan

They robbed the dead and dying men

By creeping in their houses, then

Relieving them of earthly wares

While weakened by their sickly cares

How did these thieves retain their health?

While robbing others of their health?

They made a potent oil and chose

To smear it underneath the nose

Eucalyptus, rosemary,  lemon

Add some clove, and some cinnamon

Stir it up and mix it well

To safeguard yourself with a smell.

In times like these, of plague and fear

With troubles coming, far and near

An ancient recipe could serve

To help us all regain our swerve


4 Thieves

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