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Are you starting to notice the skin beneath your beard is irritated? Are you thinking of shaving it off because you can't take the itchy pain anymore? Well don't do that! Man up, princess, and show your face skin a little love.


Your face naturally produces oils to help protect your skin.  Unfortunately, your growing beard wicks away these oils, causing itchiness and irritation.  Lucky for you, we make our beard oil to mimic your natural face oils and to help condition your glorious face fur.


Our beard oil is scented with an intoxicating flannel smell. Snuggle up to this warm scent with vanilla undertones, and keep the cold at bay.  

Pappy's Flannel Beard Oil

  • Your face naturally produces an oil called sebum oil that helps moisturize your mug.  As your beard grows in length, it absorbs this sebum oil, which can leave yoiur skin feeling itchy and irritated.  Our beard oil is designed to help your skin and beard stay moisturized and healthy.


    Massage about a nickel to quarter size amount, under the beard and into the skin. Repeat daily.  

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